AcBook 8.3

Accounting Simplified!

The second Complete Programming Project (CPP) by me.

It is another minor version upgrade with quite a few major changes:

New icon & splash screen; New 'Set up Budget' feature; Updated 'Graphical Data Analysis'!

Here it is, the graduate from the iCPPs club after some more updates, enhancements and improvements! A bit of technicality: AcBook (here's the installer) requires MATLAB Compiler Runtime (R2022a) to run. But you don't have to worry about what to download because the installer will figure it out (even whether MCR is already installed or not!) and install the right one before installing AcBook. Now, you may be wondering what does this program do and why should you use it?

Well, have a look at this screenshot:

OK, that does not tell you much and may give you a misleading impression so how about the screenshot below?

You get it, right? The purpose of this program and its need! Simply put, You can use this program to get a hold of / on your expenses! What I mean is this: If you have to remember every damn expense you incur with the ultimate goal of writing it in this program, the chances are pretty high that you will start spending / lending & borrowing less and earning more! Let's face it: It IS more fun to write what you earned than what you spent! Believe me, I have been using ACBOOK (in all its forms) since 2002. Here's a sample of the program at work:

So, Get Started: AcBook 8.3

After watching this Demo Video (sadly for v8.0):

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