SuDoKu Solver 11.2

Solving Logically!

The first ever Complete Programming Project (CPP) done by me.

It received a major version upgrade in 2015 because the Brute Force algorithm got smarter!

This is a proper major version upgrade since 2009 with the implementation of four new Logics.

Here it is, at last! Four more Logic to solve more puzzles than before along with a recording indicator [] while dictating the numbers. A bit of technicality: SuDoKu Solver requires MATLAB Compiler Runtime (R2021a) to run. But you don't have to worry about what to download because the installer will figure it out (even whether MCR is already installed or not!) and install the right one before installing the Solver. The other tweaks (like updated Logic descriptions, visibility of possible values, newer selection of red shades, remembering previous 9 SuDoKus) along with one new feature "Export Solution" should be felt first-hand so I will not bore you anymore and let you discover them for yourself. (If you still want more, head over to this post to learn more about how it really works or this page to compare earlier versions.)

Well, here's a Quick Guide anyway. Start with (notice the movable divider):

Get a SuDoKu to Solve, Enter the Numbers in the Grid:

Hit SOLVE and End with:

The comments on the right-hand-side can be exported as a webpage to go over the logical solution.

So, Get Started: SS 11.2

After watching this Demo Video (for v11.0):

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