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GUI Layout

The SuDoKu Grid is an artwork, a masterpiece, a cynosure! Here you can input a SuDoKu by typing, dictating, or importing one from a saved file. The numbers on the borders are used to label the cells, rows/columns and squares when writing the Logic (see Comments) used to solve a SuDoKu. For example, Cell(1,1) is the first (top left) cell; Cell(1,2) is the second one in the same row (i.e. on the right of the first one) and so on. Row 1, Col. 2 and so on are self-explanatory. Squ.[1,1] is the first (top left) 3×3 square; Squ.[1,4] is the second one (on the first one's right) and so on.

SOLVE / RESET is a versatile button. You have to use this button no matter what you do so go ahead and use it without any hesitation!

Comments box will contain all the comments regarding the execution of the program you would (n)ever like to read, from the basic info messages to Logic used while solving a SuDoKu to the occasional error messages (if they aren’t of the popup variety, that is).

Menu Bar


Import… Allows importing a SuDoKu (from a .mat file) in the program. S*.mat files provided with this program contain sample SuDoKu puzzles (of varying difficulty levels) which you can try importing and solving.

Recover > Allows one to recover one of the last 9 SuDoKus solved by the program.

Save… Saves the current SuDoKu as well as its solution (if available) to a .mat file, which can be imported back into the program (if needed).

Print… Prints the SuDoKu Grid to a figure (check it out for yourself!).

Exit Quits the program.


Solve Partially Shows all the possible values for the empty cells. It does not use any logic to do so. It is helpful if you want to solve the SuDoKu yourself.

Solve Completely Tries Solving the SuDoKu logically and writes the Logic used to arrive at the solution in the Comments box. Its function is the same as the SOLVE button as you might have expected.

Export Solution Exports the Logic involved in generating the full solution as a webpage, which is opened automatically.

Use Logic Can Not be Unchecked (by usual means) because this is a Logical Solver!

Use Brute Force Solves the SuDoKu using (Smart) Brute Force Algorithm if it could not be solved logically.

Speech Input Turns the ‘dictation’ functionality On/Off. (It has no effect on the ‘speech output’, though!)


Manual Opens this webpage.

ChangeLog(ic) Opens this webpage.

Update Tries to Update SuDoKu Solver to a newer version. (Internet connection required.)

License Opens this webpage.

Privacy Opens this webpage.

About See for Yourself.


  1. Use 'File > Recover >' if you clicked the SOLVE button before entering a 'correct' SuDoKu.

  2. "Deduction from Pincers" Logic is 'probabilistic' so different runs on the same SuDoKu will (very likely) give different scores.

  3. Minimize the window when Brute Force Algorithm kicks in to reduce the time required to solve the SuDoKu.

SuDoKu Solver

Last Updated: 9th July 2021