Polorama Generator 3.0

Rounding Images...

The third Complete Programming Project (CPP) done by me.

The long-awaited v3.0 is here with a 'major' GUI update!

Most of the functionality is unchanged but 'minor updates' may follow...

A direct entry in the CPP club: POLORAMA GENERATOR. A bit of technicality: PoloramaG (64-bit installer) requires MATLAB Compiler Runtime (R2019a) to run. But you don't have to worry about what to download because the installer will figure it out (even whether MCR is already installed or not!) and install the right one before installing PoloramaG. Now, you may be wondering what does this program do and will it be as useful as AcBook?

Well, here's a quick guide but enjoy this (spooky) snapshot first:

OK, that is the Welcome Screen and does not tell you much about what the program can do. Go ahead and Load an Image, change the three parameters as you see fit before hitting 'TRANSFORM':

Wait for the pop-up counter to disappear revealing the Polorama. You can Tweak it (if possible) as shown below ('Fill Void' was used):

Voilà! You have generated your (first) Polar Panorama (Polorama). Now select the other tab at the top to transform the Polorama further (like -90° rotation) and also choose a crop option before saving it as a .jpg (or .png) file. Here is the 'Surprise!' effect with 'Optimal' crop shown:

Finally, save your creation to display in full glory what PG (and you) have just accomplished:


So, Get Started: PoloramaG 3.0

After watching this Demo Video (sadly, for v2.5):

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