Physics Programming Projects

Miscellany of Endeavours...

    • Parametrically Driven Pendulum: My first fully-functional GUI for viewing phase portraits and animated motion of the pendulum.

    • Parametrically Driven Conical Pendulum: Some 'elaborate' calculations and a .m file but no GUI unfortunately.

    • Faraday Instabilities with Two Frequency Forcing: .m files used to obtain some of the plots / results in the paper.

    • Negative Refractive Index Medium (NRIM): References used are here, here and here but no code to share, just enjoy the videos.

    • Path Integrals and Wavepacket Evolution: .m files used to make plots in the paper. Obviously, these files can do more than that; figuring that out should be fun!

    • Geodesics and Parallel Transport: .m files used for most part of the project.

    • M.Sc. Thesis: .m files used for obtaining the numerical results in the thesis.

    • Game of Life (based on Hiroza equation): .m file used for making movies embedded in the parody paper.

Needed to open .m files.

Needed to open .nb and some .m files.

For other programs; not related to my Physics research.






SuDoKu Solver


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