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I call them iCPPs because they do not give me a feeling of having completed something significant like SS & AcBook do, even though they are a long way from being complete! There are some that (i) I'd like to improve, (ii) I'd not touch anymore, (iii) I've just lost interest and (iv) are stuck because I can not think of the next step!

    • Class Project for course 'Atomic & Molecular Spectroscopy' involved making a GUI which shows various 'AMSy things': SpectroViz [ii,iii]

    • Generating fractals can be fun! That is what I thought when I first started... So, here are my two attempts: Newton Fractal & Multibrots (obviously can generate Mandelbrot fractal). [i,ii,iv]

    • I wondered about the best way to understand an Umbilic Torus. The solution arose from the concept of visualizing 2D surfaces in an extremely crowded 2x2 layout: SurfViz [i,ii,iv]

    • We have all played Tic Tac Toe in some form or another. But how many of us can claim to have tried making a program of it: TicTacToe [i,iii]

    • There are many others in my MATLAB's work folder which are not so GUIsh and/or fully functional but interesting to look at! Big GUIs like Space-Time Diagrams of STR, Note Writer, Audio Detector, and small programs like an electron in E&B fields, particle in a box, planetary orbits, various dynamical systems & maps. I will put them up here when I am ready to show my unfinished codes and/or insensitive GUIs... so keep checking this space!

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