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My current research involves the study of supersymmetric theories in various dimensions using the techniques of localization and matrix models. In general, I am interested in understanding various aspects of susy theories, including non-perturbative effects. Another set of tools for that purpose is found in the framework of superspace. I study projective (Π) and harmonic (♫) superspaces and develop techniques in these frameworks, which can lead to simplifications in computing scattering amplitudes & Wilson loops.

Specific categorization of my research based on space & time follows:

At Department of Theoretical Sciences, SNBNCBS

At Theory Division, SINP

    • 'Twisted Indices of more 3d Quivers', (Apr–Aug 2019). arXiv:1908.03035[hep-th]

    • 'Exact WKB Analysis of CP¹ Holomorphic Blocks', Co-authors: Many (Oct 2018 – Jul 2019). arXiv:1907.05031[hep-th]

    • '3d N=2 ÂD̂Ê Chern-Simons Quivers', Co-author: A. Ray (Jan 2018 – Feb 2019). arXiv:1902.10498[hep-th]

    • 'Deep Machine Learning for Mathematical Physics Problems' (Jun 2017 – Hiatus).

    • '5d Partition Functions with A Twist', Co-authors: P. Marcos Crichigno, B. Willett (Apr 2017 – Aug 2018). arXiv:1808.06744[hep-th]

At Department of Physics, NTU

At C. N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics, SBU

    • 'Quantization of 4d, N=3 SYM', Co-authors: C.-Y. Ju, W. Siegel (Mar 2013 – Jul 2020). arXiv:2007.13777[hep-th]

    • 'Localization of Semichiral Fields on S² & Generalized Kähler Geometry', Co-authors: F. Benini, P. Marcos Crichigno, J. Nian (Aug 2013 – May 2015). arXiv:1505.06207[hep-th]

    • 'Free Energy of 3-dimensional Quiver Chern-Simons Theories', Co-author: P. Marcos Crichigno; Advisor: Prof. C. P. Herzog (Jul–Nov 2012). arXiv:1211.1388[hep-th] [My dissertation defence was based on this paper as seen in the presentation below.]

    • 'Background Field Formalism in Projective Hyperspace', Advisor: Prof: W. Siegel (May 2012 – Feb 2013). arXiv:1302.3277[hep-th]

    • 'Deriving Instanton Corrections to Darboux Coordinates on Hyperkähler Metrics from Π', Co-author: P. Marcos Crichigno; Advisor: Prof. M. Roček (Aug 2011 – Apr 2012). arXiv:1204.3899[hep-th]

    • 'Massive Scalar Hypermultiplet in Π', Advisor: Prof. W. Siegel (May–Jun 2011). arXiv:1106.4601[hep-th]

    • 'N=2 SYM from Chern-Simons Action', Advisor: Prof. W. Siegel (Jul 2010 – Feb 2012). arXiv:1203.2929[hep-th]

    • 'Loops in Π', Advisor: Prof. W. Siegel (Sep 2009 – Dec 2010). arXiv:1012.3758[hep-th]

    • 'Deriving Π from ♫', Advisor: Prof. W. Siegel (Jul 2008 – Mar 2009). arXiv:0903.3588[hep-th]

At Department of Theoretical Physics, TIFR

At Department of Physics & Meteorology, IIT KGP

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