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Here we are...

  • Born in Rajasthan, India.

  • Brought up and Schooled in Kathmandu, Nepal.

  • Received B.Sc. & M.Sc. in Physics from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India.

  • Received Ph.D. in Physics from Stony Brook University, New York, USA.

  • Was a PostDoctoral Researcher at National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan.

  • Was a Research Associate at Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata, India.

  • Was a PDRA at S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata, India.

  • Died... not yet!

Oh!!! I forgot... my name: Dharmesh Jain.

And my contact (e-)address: dharmesh.jain<shift+2>outlook.com

For those who can endure, my worldline (in arbitrary parameterization) follows:


I am an unaffiliated theoretical (high energy) physicist working from the attic of my parents' house in Bengaluru. I am thinking / researching / working about / on a few topics / projects / papers. For specifics regarding the previous sentence, have a look at the relevant link (i.e. Research) on the right.

Apart from Physics, I am also interested in Programming. I used to think I know C/C++ pretty well but have not used it for ages. I also tried to learn Java but since the fated 'rendezvous' with MATLAB in the second year of my undergraduate life, I have not bothered with that. In fact, this site started out as a result of the completion of SuDoKu Solver, one of my 'CPP' (as explained here). Some incomplete ones are also 'showcased' here. I have also started using Mathematica and have written some packages useful for my research. They may show up on this site someday.

My other interests / hobbies include reading manga (am trying to compile the whole list on my blog [:)]), reading mystery novels (the latest ones were those of Jonas Jonasson [:?]), reading (or listening to) poetry (my blog gets traffic mainly due to them [:D]), photography (of nature mostly; humans are not that interesting [:o]), playing Badminton (last touched the racket for roughly 5 minutes in Nov'10 [:!]), going for solitary walks in uncrowded spacetime (almost impossible [:(]) and so on.


I was a PDRA-III (PostDoctoral Research Associate with >4 years of research experience) in the Department of Theoretical Sciences at SNBose Centre for 2½ years starting from Fall 2019. Before that, I was a RA-III (this III just meant >2 years of experience, apparently!) in the Theory Division at SINP for 2 years starting from Fall 2017. And before that, I was a Postdoc in the String Theory Group at NTU for 2¼ years starting from Fall 2014.

I graduated from Stony Brook University in Spring 2014 (after 7 short years) with a Ph.D. in theoretical High Energy Physics. My thesis was titled 'The Case of Extended Supersymmetry and A Study in Superspace' (along the lines of well-known mystery novels as you might have guessed) and can be found on this site and on my blog along with my presentation.

I spent five years starting July 2002 as an undergraduate at IIT Kharagpur and received two degrees: Bachelor (Hons.) & Master of Science in Physics along with a few awards in September 2007. My final year thesis / project dealt with finding 'interesting' solutions of Einstein's field equations in presence of scalar fields [more on this goes on the right or left, top or bottom... who knows where the "sidebar" is displayed with the all-new floating paradigm of the modern web!].

I did my schooling in Kathmandu, Nepal. The last 5 years of this period (Classes 8-10 & 10+2) ending around April 2002 were spent at Modern Indian School (MIS) which is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), India.


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