Policy for my Programs


I/Me/My/etc. refer to the programmer/developer/copyright owner mentioned below.

Program refers to mainly AcBook, but could be applicable to any of the other half a dozen programs developed by me.

User refers to anyone using the program developed by me for its intended purpose. Anyone else can bug off.


First of all, I do not have any access to the user's files or the user's MS account information.

The program (only AcBook) can access the user's basic MS account information (Name, Email address, Profile picture) once the user consents to it.

The program can access any file that the user opens in the program or creates using the program. (MATLAB can be used to directly access data stored in any *.mat file so no express or implied guarantee is made about the security of the data saved by the program.)

The program also creates (or may create) *.mat file(s) to store certain settings, which it accesses (or may access) whenever required, without notifying the user.

The program, when instructed by the user to "Update...", downloads a file from a web location (internet connection required, of course) maintained by me to determine if an update is available. If yes, it reads off a URL from that file and asks for user permission to download the installer. This link is also publicly available on the said program's webpage on this website.

Last of all, the program has no functionality to share the user's setting files or data files or MS account info with me and it never will. So, rest assured and read the first line above again. 


I am NOT Google or FaceTwit or InstaChat so couldn't care less about your data.

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Last Updated: 8th May 2024

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