Rurouni Kenshin

Story of a Lifetime!

If you are new to Rurouni Kenshin (a.k.a. Samurai X), read on (even if you are not, let's waste some time!). To get into the best ever anime / manga in existence, you should proceed in the following way:

0. Browse through Pictures, OSTs, Music Videos & Miscellaneous stuff on the web at any time (totally your choice!).

1. Watch TV Episodes 1-62 [+Special Eps 1 & 2] (if you get hooked, carry on; otherwise get lost!);

2. Watch Movie (and get this over with... NOT in a negative sense!);

3. Read Manga Volumes 1-21(upto Chapter 180,);

4. Watch OVA Tsuiokuhen Parts 1-4 (Kenshin's (hi)story in action!);

5. Read the remaining Manga Volumes [21(Chapter 181)-28] (WOW!);

6. Watch the remaining TV Episodes [63-95] (these are fillers!);

7. Watch OVA Seisouhen Parts 1-2 (for completeness' sake?);

8. Conclude (this era) with the two Extra Stories (Final Touch!) and 5 live-action movies (reminiscences).

9. Start (another era) with 3-4 one-shots about Shishio, and a few new characters (important for the next step);

10. Read the chapters of Hokkaido Arc being published monthly right now...

In my opinion, this sequence is the best one to start and follow but not end Rurouni Kenshin because...'ll find out the reason, eventually!


Last Updated: 9th July 2021

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